Corcovado Alpaca Bed-footer

Corcovado Alpaca Bed-footer

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Have you ever wondered why you need a bed-footer? Here are some good reasons why you too should use a bed scarf in your bedroom.

Firstly, because of hygiene. You can put all your belongings on it, like jackets and bags without soiling or damaging your clean bed linen. You can also put your suitcase or travel bag on it without worrying. In some countries, such as Chile, the bed-footer is used for shoes. You can lie down in bed with your street clothes and put your feet with your shoes on the bed-footer.

It is also useful for keeping things tidy. We all know the problem that small objects like our keys, pieces of money or our smartphone slip between the blanket and mattress and you have to search desperately for them.

Of course, the bed-footer is also there for looks. It enhances your room with its matching colours and textures and gives it a classy touch. The bed-footer is a design element that blends harmoniously into the design of your bedroom.

Now you are certainly thinking about your bedspread, which you could pick out again. Well you can do that or you can organise the handy bed-footer, which is also much easier to clean.

This beautiful handmade bed-footer named after the volcano Corcovado, was made by the Aymara artisan "Justa Querquezana Tancara" with a two-pedal loom.

Material: 100% Alpaca wool
Description: Handmade
Artisan: Justa Querquezana Tancara
Style: Lined, Multi-colourer
Colours: Shades of Gray

Total length: 214 cm
Fringes: 13 cm
Width: 72 cm
Weight: 679 g

 Hand wash.
 Wash only up to 30°C.
 Do not use fabric softener.
 Do not bleach.
 Do not use a dryer.
 Dry flat.
 Do not iron.
 Steam only.

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