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Sebastian von Marttens

Sebastian von Marttens | Gründer von Andes Alpaca

Sebastian von Marttens is a true son of the Andes. As a native Chilean who grew up in the majestic mountain range, he internalised a deep understanding and appreciation for his country's cultural treasures from an early age. His academic training in comercial engineering at the Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago de Chile gave him valuable insights into global markets and commercial processes.

In the course of his travels, Sebastian encountered new cultures and ways of life that broadened his horizons. On one such trip, in Thailand, he met his partner, who ultimately brought him to Germany. But while his physical journey took him around the world, his heart kept returning to the Andes.

The pandemic posed great challenges to many traditional craft businesses. One of these businesses was that of one of his father's friends, an Aymara weaver who was having difficulty selling her products due to the global crisis. At that moment, Sebastian's calling was clear: he wanted to bring the amazing quality of alpaca products and the rich culture of the Andes to a wider audience.

Today, Sebastian runs the company with all his heart and commitment. He is the backbone of the company in Germany, which would be unthinkable without his passion and commitment to preserving and promoting traditional Andean weaving.

Sebastian has managed to bring Andes Alpaca to the forefront of the sustainable luxury movement. His achievements have already been recognised in various media outlets, which portray him as one of the leaders of this movement. But despite his professional successes, his motivation always remains the same: to share the secrets of the Andes with the world.

Sebastian's passions extend beyond his professional commitments. As a karate black belt, the discipline and commitment he brings to martial arts is a reflection of the passion he also brings to Andes Alpaca.

Sebastian von Marttens is more than just the representative of Andes Alpaca in Germany. He is an ambassador of the Andes, sharing the secrets, the culture and the incomparable quality of alpaca products with the world.

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