Alpakas im Sommer

Alpaca wool in summer:

Lightweight and breathable garments for warmer days

Summer clothing should not only be fashionable, but also functional. Lightweight, breathable materials are especially important in the warm season. In this article, we introduce you to the advantages of alpaca wool in summer fashion and present stylish and comfortable garments made from this special wool.

In the summer months, lightweight and breathable materials are of great importance to increase wearing comfort and avoid excessive sweating. Alpaca wool offers exactly these properties and is therefore ideal for summer garments.

Thermoregulating properties of alpaca wool

The adaptability of alpaca wool to different temperatures

Alpaca wool is known for its thermoregulating properties. This special wool can adapt to different temperatures and thus ensures a comfortable body climate. See our article on the properties of alpaca wool for more information on this topic.

Thermal insulation and breathability of alpaca compared to other materials

Compared to other materials such as cotton or sheep's wool, alpaca wool offers better thermal insulation and breathability. In this context, we recommend that you read our comparison of alpaca wool and sheep's wool as well as alpaca wool and cotton.

Alpaca wool from free-range alpacas: the ideal alpaca wool for summer

The difference between alpaca wool from free-roaming alpacas and normal alpaca wool

Alpaca wool from free-roaming alpacas is even finer and softer than normal alpaca wool. These animals live in the Andes at an altitude of over 4000 metres, and their wool has adapted to extreme weather conditions. This results in particularly high-quality wool that is ideal for summer clothing.

Fineness and softness of alpaca wool from free-roaming alpacas

Alpaca wool from free-roaming alpacas is characterised by its fineness and softness, making it a luxurious and comfortable choice for summer garments. Learn more about handmade alpaca products and the history of alpaca wool on our blog.

Advantages of alpaca wool from free-range alpacas in summer fashion

Alpaca wool from free-range alpacas is lighter and cooler than traditional alpaca wool, making it ideal for summer. It is also soft and kind to the skin, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Lightweight alpaca garments and accessories for the summer

Alpaca cardigans and jumpers

Alpaca cardigans and jumpers are the perfect choices for cool summer evenings or changeable weather. They are lightweight, breathable and yet provide enough warmth to stay comfortable. Alpaca knitwear is available in a variety of patterns and colours and will fit effortlessly into your summer wardrobe.

Alpaca scarves and shawls

A lightweight alpaca scarf or shawl is an essential summer accessory. It can be worn as a stole over the shoulders or as a scarf around the neck to provide warmth in cooler temperatures. Discover our selection of alpaca scarves and shawls in different colours and patterns to complete your summer look.


Alpaca socks: Breathability and moisture management

Alpaca socks are not just for winter. They also offer excellent breathability and moisture management in summer. The natural properties of alpaca wool help keep your feet dry and odour-free. Choose thin, lightweight alpaca socks for summer for the best comfort and benefits.


Care and styling tips for alpaca summer clothes

How to care for and store alpaca garments

Proper care of your alpaca garments is crucial to maintaining their beauty and longevity. Hand washing with cold water and mild detergent is recommended. Allow garments to dry lying flat and avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading of colours. Store your alpaca clothing in a well-ventilated area, preferably in a wardrobe or chest of drawers away from direct sunlight. To keep moths and other pests away, place cedar blocks or lavender sachets near your alpaca clothing.

Styling tips for alpaca summer clothing

  1. Pair lightweight alpaca cardigans or jumpers with summer dresses or skirts for a chic, feminine look.
  2. Accessorise your outfit with an alpaca scarf or shawl to add a touch of colour and texture.
  3. Experiment with different colours and patterns to tailor your alpaca summer wardrobe to your individual preferences and style.


Alpaca clothing and accessories are not just for winter. They also offer many benefits in summer, such as breathability, moisture management and a comfortable feel. Choose lightweight alpaca cardigans, jumpers, ponchos, capes, scarves, shawls and socks to stay stylish and comfortable in the warmer months. Care for and store your alpaca garments properly to maintain their beauty and longevity. With a few simple styling tips, you can adapt your alpaca summer clothing to your personal style and look great every day.

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