Blonde Frau mit weißer Mütze und gelbem Schal Mann, der einen Schal aus Alpaka auf stilvolle Art und Weise benutzt | Andes Alpaca
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Afrikanische Frau, die einen hellgrauen Poncho trägt. Dieses Bild ist ein Link, der zur Seite mit den Capes und Ponchos führt.

Ponchos & Capes

Blonde Frau mit weißem Halstuch. dieses Bild ist ein Link, der zur Schal-Seite führt.


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 Blonde Frau mit weißer Mütze und Handschuhen. Dieses Bild ist ein Link, der zur Zubehörseite führt.


Wollrollen in verschiedenen Farben, auf einem Holzkorb und mit einigen Strickstäbchen. dieses Bild ist ein Link, der zur alpaka wolle Seite führt.


Decke aus brauner und weißer Alpakawolle auf einem Bett in einem Schlafzimmer.  Dieses Bild ist ein Link, der zur Home-Produktseite führt.




I received my scarf today. I ordered it a few days ago and it arrived quickly. I am satisfied and can recommend the shop.

Andreas Profilbild
Andreas M
Berlin, Germany

A beautiful poncho of excellent quality. My husband will be delighted with his gift!

Vanessa Profilbild
Vanessa Poggi
Juvignac, France

I really liked the quality of my new Andes Alpaca scarf. You can tell it's completely handmade, not like what you find in every other shop.

Maximiliano Profilbild
Maximiliano Lira Del Canto
Cologne, Germany

I just had to give a review for the alpaca scarf I bought because it is just perfect! I am so happy with it! It's so warm and soft, I don't even want to take it off. 😊 The delivery was also super fast!

Lena Profilbild
Munich, Germany

Good quality article. Useful. Good prices

Cristobal Profilbild
Cristobal V
Barcelona, Spain

The scarf is gorgeous. 😊 Very beautifully made, very good quality, soft and as pictured. The delivery was quite quick. I had my scarf the very next day.

Christina Sk
Cologne, Germany

Super fast delivery. Perfect gift for the cold times.

Jens W
Dusseldorf, Germany

The poncho I bought exceeded my expectations, it is soft, very comfortable to wear and I am no longer cold at work. The delivery of the product was also very fast

Cologne, Germany

I am totally thrilled with my new alpaca poncho! It's beautiful, super warm and soft. And the best thing: the delivery was lightning fast! Simply top!

Sophia Profilbild
Frankfurt, Germany
The Essence of the Andes

Experience the softness of luxurious alpaca wool

Alpaca wool is a treasure of nature, an exquisite softness that few materials can match. Revered as the "fleece of the gods", it is still prized by the indigenous tribes of the Andes for its unique properties.

Immerse yourself in the luxury of alpaca wool, feel a warmth and softness that is second to none. This incomparable experience makes each of our products an oasis of comfort.

We are confident that you will want to discover our exclusive alpaca collection again and again.

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Masterpiece of Sustainability & Luxury

Each piece in our collection is a work of art, handcrafted by master artisans in the South American Andes using centuries-old techniques.

The wool from our alpacas is ethically and sustainably sourced, giving each product a special depth and texture. Colours are either natural, thanks to the diversity of alpaca dyes, or derived from vegetable dyes carefully collected from the Andes.

This process is not only environmentally friendly, but also results in beautiful, distinctive and luxurious products. Find out more about our craft and philosophy by clicking on the button below.