Nancy Blas

Nancy Blas | Handgefertigte Alpaka-Weberin mit ihren Apaka-Produkten.

Nancy Blas is an expert in spinning and weaving alpaca wool and has spent her life learning and perfecting these traditional techniques. As an Aymara artisan from South America, Nancy has worked for years to honour and keep alive her cultural heritage through her work.

Nancy begins each piece by spinning the alpaca wool by hand. This technique requires skill and patience, and the end result is a soft and strong thread that is perfect for weaving. Nancy then uses traditional looms to weave the wool into soft and warm products such as scarves, hats, gloves and ponchos. Each piece is unique and full of detail and love.

In addition to being an incredibly talented artist, Nancy is also a passionate advocate for the alpaca industry in South America. By working with alpaca wool, Nancy is helping to preserve this natural fibre and promoting Aymara artisans and their work.

She sent us this message for people who are excited about Nancy's products:
"Hello, our fabric is handmade from alpaca fibre spun by Aymara women, farmers and artisans. By buying these products, you are helping to keep our cultural identity and the traditional techniques of our territories alive, improving the economic situation of our families."

We are honoured to work with Nancy and offer her beautiful handmade products to our customers. Support the Aymara artisans and the alpaca industry in South America by choosing our handmade products. Thank you for choosing us!

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