Our Philosophy

Unsere Philosophie | Andes Alpaca

Andes Alpaca is a company that delivers high quality products as well as communicating cultural, social and ecological values. All of our products are made from the wool of alpacas, which have been bred in their natural habitat, without the addition of chemicals. In addition, the products are hand-woven with old looms and with the help of ancient techniques that are stiving to survive in today's society.

When the conquest of America began, the original tribes of the Andes had to leave their traditions behind. A long time has passed from that moment to the present day, where tibes struggle to maintain their culture while adapting to today's world. As a result, many people from these communities have chosen to put their traditions aside for a stable income. With our products, we want to help them achieve a steady income, while at the same time the tribes can preserve their culture and roots and in this way preserve the old traditions for the future.

Fortunately, today they have a great opportunity to continue their traditions as today's society tries to return to its roots and live in harmony with nature. That is because the tribes have made everything naturally for hundreds of years, from the caring for their animals in their native habitat, to the making of their handcrafted products using their ancient techniques and looms. They have a lot to offer.

For all of these reasons, this project aims to help a large number of tribes to connect and exchange their products from Venezuela to the south of Chile. This is to help all people in the Andes have a stable growing community in which they can communicate and develop while keeping their roots intact.