About Me

Hi! My name is Sebastian von Marttens. I was born and raised in the Andes, surrounded by all the natural wonders this mountain range offers the world. I now live in Germany. Here, I also love nature and, above all, the green oases of relaxation.

After working in different companies for a while, I quickly realized I was missing something. I wanted to develop myself differently. The desire grew in me to take the design of my working life into my own hands. Furthermore, I wanted to make a social contribution through my job. That is why I decided to create Andes Alpaca.

My vision is to initiate social change. We should all consume more responsibly, reduce fast fashion and focus on quality. Because quality means sustainability, and we are only sustainable if we consume less.
Because quality products last longer, we don't have to buy new clothes and can protect the environment through conscious consumption. By purchasing sustainable products, all consumers can influence the ecological balance of our planet.

We also have to minimize our carbon footprint. We compensate for this by planting a tree for each sea delivery. For this purpose, we will design a page so you can see the trees that we planted with your help. 

I try to do the right thing every day. I have a long way to go, but this is the way to a fair fashion label. My goal is to build a sustainable company that supports craftswomen from the indigenous peoples and thus leaves a positive influence on the world. I attach great importance to sustainability, longevity, quality and fairness. I work on this project with a lot of passion and try to make the world a little bit better.

Are you interested in becoming a B2B partner of Andes Alpaca? Do you own a store or an online shop where you would like to offer our products? Then write us an email at  andesalpaca.info@gmail.com.

Sebastian von Marttens | Andes Alpaca