Care Instructions

Only wash when necessary

Your alpaca clothes that you only wore once do not necessarily have to be washed. If you have not spilled your clothes or did sweaty sports in it, it is often enough to air out the garment thoroughly.

What you should consider when washing

It is best to wash your favorite item by hand . You can use lukewarm water ( max. 30 ° C ) and wool detergent in the sink or bathtub. Please avoid rubbing your alpaca products, this can roughen the fibers. Note that you should not use fabric softener and not bleach your alpaca products. Rinse well at the end and then carefully squeeze out the water. Avoid wringing your alpaca clothes.

Washing program

We recommend that you wash your alpaca products by hand, if you still want to wash in the washing machine, be sure to choose the wool program or a particularly gentle wash with the lowest temperature and without spin cycle .

Let your alpaca clothing dry gently

Please do not use a dryer . Place a large terry towel on your clothes horse and place your alpaca pieces on this towel. From time to time you should turn your alpaca clothing to allow both sides to dry. If necessary, you should also replace the towel with a dry one. The flat drying also avoids wrinkles on your products.

Remove wrinkles from your favorite alpac parts

We recommend not ironing the alpaca garment directly , as the heat can damage the product in the long term. What you can do to remove the wrinkles: Hold the iron about six inches from the product and move the steam towards the product. Wait a while for the steam to do the job.

Please do not hang up your alpaca products

After washing, you must never hang up your alpaca clothing. It warps and then hangs down crookedly on you. Even when dry, you should not hang up your alpaca products. Always try to store your alpaca products horizontally and stow them in the closet. This way they keep their shape and stay beautiful for a long time.

What else needs to be considered

To prevent moths, use cedar wood, lavender, or other products in your closet. But never keep these tools on your clothes.